Hi, I'm Magnus, a thirty-something, transmasc eldritch overlord, masquerading (terribly) as a human bean. I love to crochet, collect manga and variant comic covers, game, and participate in fandom events! I have 4 adorable gremlins cats who seek to drive me insane with their neverending chaos.

Fandom Experience

Some of you may know me from my time as part of Mishmash Zines, though I have modded and participated in plenty of zines outside of my previous studio!

Zine TitleFandomPositionStatus
Intertwined: A KakaIru ZineNarutoCo-Head, Organisation & SocialsComplete; Free Download
When Gods WanderNoragamiCo-Head, Organisation & SocialsComplete; Free Download
A Thousand LightsMDZSCo-Head, Organisation & SocialsComplete; Free Download
Sugar & Spice: Vol 3 ShikaTema ZineNarutoSocials & GeneralComplete
Dimensions: A Naruto AU ArtbookNarutoCo-Head, Organisation & SocialsComplete; Free Download
The Nanami Cookbook: Chop It Like It's HotJujutsu KaisenCo-Head, Organisation & SocialsComplete; Free Download
Astraeus: A BNHA Astrology ZineBNHACo-Head, Organisation & SocialsComplete; Free Download
Citrus: An AllYuuji ZineJujutsu KaisenSocials & OrganisationComplete
The Dawn of Spring: A MXTX Spring ZineMXTXCo-Head, Organisation & SocialsComplete; Free Download
The Gojou Dessert Book: Pour Some Sugar On MeJujustsu KaisenCo-Head, Organisation & SocialsComplete; Free Download
IidaTen Bros: The Iida Zine V1BNHACoordination, Organisation & SocialsComplete
Vaporise: A Genshin Pin-Up CalendarGenshin ImpactCo-Head, Organisation & SocialsComplete
The Kakashi Zine: A Thousand Faces*NarutoHead & OrganisationComplete; Free Download
Rooted In Wisdom: A Sumeru Character Zine*Genshin ImpactHead & FormattingCreation
Arborification: A Jigokuraku Flora CompendiumHell's ParadiseSocmed & AccessibilityProduction

* Denotes a project that is a private, friend invite only (meaning no applications were hosted), and will be released to the public as a free digital zine and digital merch after creation is complete.

Outside of modding, I have also participated as a writer in a few zines, which you can find listed below:

Zine TitleFandomPositionStatus
Intertwined: A KakaIru ZineNarutoWriterComplete
Malevolence: A Sukuna ZineJJKWriterComplete
Dreams of Peace: A Naruto Founders ZineNarutoGuest WriterComplete
The Nanami Cookbook: Chop It Like It's HotJJKWriterComplete
Bright Eyes: A GoYuu ZineJJKWriterComplete
Infinity With You: GoYuu Wedding ZineJJKWriterCreation Perioe

In addition to modding and participating in zines, I have also organised the following events as head mod: KakaIru Mini Bang 2020 & 2021, KakaIru Big Bang 2021, Iruka Week 2021, Naruto AU Week 2021.

My Socials

You can find me in a few places such as Twitter and AO3 which are linked below! Additionally, you can also see my zine studio information for Mishmash Zines by clicking the carrd icon, though the studio is no longer active and has since been disbanded.